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Stacking Rings – Enough is never enough

2021 is the year of layering jewelry, be it rings, necklaces, bracelets or even earrings, this is the year of going for more. And a popular trend of stacking rings from 2019 is still ruling the charts. We at Zevar Amaze believe that when it comes to rings, there’s always scope for more, enough is never enough.

Stacking rings has endless possibilities of experimenting. From going for boho looks to styling elegant rings and even stacking with your engagement ring, there’s no end to it. Layering rings is a simple yet stylish way to elevate your look and accessories. Even if you’re wearing just a casual top and a pair of denims, you can do wonders to your look by accessorising your rings in the right style.

There is absolutely no limit to when it comes to layering you delicate fingers with rings. With our wide range of modishly designed rings, you can flaunt a new look every day. Stock rings of varied designs, styles, colours and create unique styles by stacking them differently every day. Each day you can experiment with a new combination, new colour, new metal or pairing these differently on multiple fingers, the options are infinite. 

We understand deciding which ring to choose may be hard, but there is nothing to worry about when it comes to using these rings for layering, pick every design that appeals to your eye and experiment until you find the right pieces to layer it with. The best part about stacking rings is that there’s no right or wrong, there’s no rule to follow and so you can totally experiment, have fun and be your true self.

Mix & Match

Stacking rings does not mean layering the rings in same shade. Stackable rings are definitely gorgeous on their own but you can always match gold or rose gold with silver sterling rings to add visual interest to your look. You can also mix and match rings of different designs, shapes, metals and finishes to create a look. The best part about matching different rings together is that there’s always something that complements the rest of your accessories. Combine gold, white gold, rose gold, and silver for a vibrant colour palette that is eye-catching and edgy. 

Size doesn’t matter

When stacking different rings, you can always mix thin bands with chunky bands either on the same finger or pair it in different fingers for a more fashionable look. It’s always a wise idea to stack solitaires with thin studded or plain bands to draw more attention to the chunky piece of jewellery on your finger. You can wear different sized rings in multiple fingers or your could also stack different sized rings on the same finger to create an urbane look. The whole idea of stacking is all about accessorizing using varied items and still looking your absolute best. 

Stack colours

To add unmatched charm to your stacked rings, sometimes a touch of colours is all you need. Gone are the days when mixing different metal and colour rings was called tacky style. That fashion rule is buried now, mixing colours and metals is an official trend now. Pick gemstone rings in different colours to add a little pop of vibrance to your ring stack. Each gemstone ring has a meaning to it and reflects a different story, pick the ones that resonate with you to make your ring stack not only colourful but also meaningful and special. Create balance and contrast by mixing warm and cool tones, also remember, no style ever goes wrong with mixing diamonds and colourful gemstones. 

Statement styling

Stacking rings is all about adding more and more and more, it is never even restricted to one finger, layer as many fingers you want and it will still look stunning. For a minimal look, stick to small, dainty rings. If you want to go over board to create a style statement, add chunky band rings or cocktail rings in different fingers to create that ultimate chic look. You can also style your wedding ring by stacking more bands or tiny studded rings with it. Layering wedding rings now is both – a fashion statement as well as meaningful style that echoes of your love. An ideal way is to have your wedding ring in the middle and stacking it with bands above and below to draw maximum attention to your special piece of jewelry.

Whether you decide to wear just one or go stacking with fashion rings, it’s always important to choose a style that suits your persona and reflects your authentic identity. Discover an incredible range of rings by Zevar Amaze that comprises of various metals, styles, finishes and gemstones, pick the ones that speak to you through their style and go stacking. 

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