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Silver Jewelry Trends Ruling 2021

A year of sparkling silver.

With our face covered in masks, it’s our accessories that speak for our styles now, and 2021 is certainly the year of over-accessorizing, but in a stylized way. Leaving the dazzling gold behind, silver is the tint that’s ruling this year. With huge fashion houses like Louis Vuitton, Hermès, and Chloé accessorizing their spring collections in silver jewelry, there’s no doubt that silver is 2021’s star.

Taking the fashion game up to a different level, it’s the year of experimenting with silver jewelry of contrasting lengths, styles, colours, textures and shapes to create layers of rings, bangles, necklaces and even bracelets. Styling multiple silver earrings together, styling silver ear cuffs or accessorizing with just one earring is also a trend that’s hitting the charts this year. 

Complementing every style and lending a chic look to all outfits, no styling can ever go wrong with silver jewelry. An easy way to begin is to simply gather accessories of different lengths and styles and experiment until you create a look that fits together. Once you’ve found your ideal style, stick to it as your ultimate guide and experiment with new combinations. When it comes to layering, you must always know when to stop. Though we’re living in the year of over-accessorizing, there’s always one piece of jewelry that can be taken off before you step out of the house.

With silver jewelry, every style is always a classic one. An ideal way to create a chic look with silver jewelry is to pair bold pieces with subtle ones. Decide what areas do you want to draw attention to – neck, ear, fingers, wrist and accessorize accordingly. If you’re wearing heavy necklace, keep the earring minimal and vice versa.

Going by the trends, it’s never a bad idea to invest in some good pieces of silver jewelry because no matter how many fashion trends change, silver is never going out of style. So put aside all your glowing gold accessories and get set to shine bright in silver and go all bold with your style.

2021 is officially the year of silver accessories.


Statement Silver Chains

An evergreen piece of accessory, you can do wonders to your looks with a simple and stylish silver chain. Overriding the trend of chunky necklaces, silver chains are a sleek piece of accessory that take your style statement up by a few notches and are a universal favourite. Be it a casual look, athleisure look or a formal look, a chic silver chain paired with any outfit looks sophisticated and lends a dash of elan to your looks. 

Simple Silver Studs

Be it tiny, playful ones or the oversized bold ones, classic silver studs never go out of style. Intrinsically designed, beautiful silver studs are a statement piece of jewelry, that remain ever woman’s eternal love. With our ears already bearing the weight of masks, drop earrings have now been replaced by minimal, elegant silver studs.

Layered Silver Necklaces

Layering is the top accessory trend that’s ruling 2021. Be it your bracelets, chains or rings, adding more layers to it to create boho look is the latest fad and is here to stay as a trend for long. Using pendant and charm necklaces with simple silver chains makes a style statement that’s impressive and suave. 

Gemstones in Silver Rings

Sparkle prevails in all forms this year, be it necklace, earrings or gemstone sterling silver rings. Adding a pop of colour and vibrance to your look, coloured gemstone rings in silver look uber stylish and modish. While there’s a lot of attention being paid to accessories this year, adding a dash of colour makes it more stylized and classier. 

Silver Statement Earrings 

There’s a trend that never goes out of style but still doesn’t get enough spotlight, it’s the statement silver earrings. It’s been a jewelry trend that won’t ever be slept on. Be it pairing it with ethnic wear, styling it with casual tees or accessorizing with just the right piece for a formal event, silver statement earrings will always remain a go-to choice. 

If you’re looking to invest in a good jewelry collection, silver accessories are all you must have your eyes on. We at Zevar Amaze, offer a vivid range of silver accessories – earning, pendant sets, necklace and rings, that bring to life absolute divine charm to accentuate your beauty. Made with fine attention to precision and superlative craftsmanship, each of our design is unique and echoes a saga of unmatched beauty. 

With a range of accessories that suit every style and personality, our collection is handpicked and personifies elegance. Weaved with a story, each piece of jewelry we bring to life is a reflection of our love for our work.

So, go get matching steps in the silver jewelry trends ruling 2021, pick the best accessories that you’d love from Zevar Amaze.

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