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A timeless saga to complement your priceless beauty.

Founded in 2014, Zevar Amaze embraced a humble beginning with consumer fairs to understand the crux of Indian customer’s needs and taste. With the objective of crafting awe-inspiring jewellery that is conceived, designed and curated to bring creative concepts to life, the brand has come far in its journey of delivering inimitable customer experiences.

A world of vivid imagination, where tales and inspirations are given the form of jewellery, Zevar Amaze established a small boutique in the heart of Mumbai in 2016, to make a spectacular range of jewellery accessible by all. An assortment of cultural tales, cosmic beauties, precious stones, spellbinding designs – the remarkable jewellery collection is a product of each inspiration woven together with excellent craftsmanship that impresses one and all, effortlessly.


With an objective to make phenomenal jewellery accessible to all across the length and breadth of India, the brand aims to break through the stereotype that jewellery is only meant for women, it wants to bring forth a collection for all groups of the society, offering something special that would be loved and cherished by each one. 

A brand that came to life as a brainchild of Mr. Pragnesh Doshi and nurtured by Co-Founders Akshay Doshi and Nishchay Doshi, Zevar Amaze has delighted more than 10000 patrons across India till date and has efficiently become a name to reckon with.

Over time, their brilliant leadership and adaptive mindset acted as a catalyst that fostered the growth and expansion of Zevar Amaze. Built on the foundation of family-led values and fostered by such professionals with rich experience, the brand evolved into a name that brings a significant difference to the life of their customers through its products and services. It is no surprise that with such influential leadership, ethical values, remarkable commitment and an innovative approach, Zevar Amaze is half way through its journey of gaining the recognition it deserves.


Founded on the pillars of matchless quality, one-of-a-kind designs, eternal innovation, unparalleled customer experiences, fair pricing and transparent policies, Zevar Amaze is driven by the spirit of delivering eccentric customer experiences with the purchase of each new piece of jewellery.

Widely known for its exceptional offering in the after sales service, its Jewellery Spa Kit is an ultimate tool to take care and maintain the beauty of your jewellery after purchase and keep it in the best of its shape even after several years.

Over the past years, the innovation-led approach and proficiency has helped Zevar Amaze unlock doors to several possibilities and expand its category. The brand has paced in its journey and has become one amongst the most reliable names in the industry today. The unsatiated desire to innovate is what keeps the brand going relentlessly in its journey of surpassing excellence and achieving perfection with every creation.

Zevar Amaze upholds the value of growing together, its amiable approach towards its employees, customers and associates lays the foundation of building an identity that’s truly world-class. It’s the heart-and-soul approach and the quest to set new benchmarks that turns every creation of ours into a masterpiece.

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