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Laura Necklace MOISSANITE

Simple, stylish and striking, that’s the beauty of this lovely pendant linked with a silver chain. An elegant piece of accessory that personifies minimalism...
Rs. 7,499.00

Heart Cut Moissanite Stone

Rs. 7,198.00 Rs. 3,599.00

Oval Cut Moissanite Stone

Rs. 7,098.00 Rs. 3,549.00

Emerald Cut Moissanite Stone

Rs. 7,098.00 Rs. 3,549.00

Cushion Cut Moissanite Stone

Rs. 5,998.00 Rs. 2,999.00

Princess Cut Moissanite Stone

Rs. 5,898.00 Rs. 2,949.00

Round Moissanite Stone

Rs. 4,198.00 Rs. 2,099.00
Hibo Necklace Moissanite Hibo Necklace Moissanite
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Hibo Necklace Moissanite

A beautiful, versatile addition to any outfit for your day-to-day life. Wear it to work or out to party, Hibo is always with you....
Rs. 13,599.00 Rs. 8,699.00
Tricia Earring Moissanite Tricia Earring Moissanite
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Tricia Earring Moissanite

For the ones who like to make a style statement with minimalistic designs, these studs are your partners in crime. A good option to...
Rs. 21,999.00 Rs. 13,999.00

Curio Ring Moissanite

Minimalistic, simple and stylish, this one’s a captivating design in silver that adds to your chic quotient. An ideal choice to be worn on...
Rs. 10,499.00 Rs. 5,299.00

Melissa Ring Moissanite

Elegant, simple and sophisticated, this one’s an ode to match your brilliance and unmatched class. A delicate piece of fine jewellery, this gorgeous band...
Rs. 9,999.00 Rs. 5,099.00

Fedora Ring Moissanite

Crafted to bring the style queen in you alive, this charismatic ring is a class apart in its beauty. Made with just the right...
Rs. 23,499.00 Rs. 11,999.00

Nidia Ring Moissanite

Handcrafted to complement the surreal beauty of the glamour queen in you, this divine piece of accessory is a fine treasure. A superlative design...
Rs. 23,999.00 Rs. 13,499.00

Myra Ring Moissanite

For the queen whose style is her kindness and love, here’s a token of love from us, to protect the beauty of the magnificence...
Rs. 32,499.00 Rs. 21,449.00

Dimos Ring Moissanite

As chic as you are, this silver ring is our attempt to create an accessory that matches the elegance you possess. Crafted to complement...
Rs. 16,499.00 Rs. 10,799.00

Aurora Ring Moissanite

A jewel meant for a jewel, we’ve designed this one keeping in mind the rare beauty that you are. One-of-a-kind in style and classiness,...
Rs. 38,999.00 Rs. 28,799.00

Evan Ring Moissanite

Simplicity at its very best. We’ve designed this strikingly simple ring to pamper the divine beauty that you are. A good pick to be...
Rs. 16,999.00 Rs. 9,999.00

Remus Ring Moissanite

A gorgeous concoction of diamond studded bands woven beautifully into a ring, this design will leave you spellbound. Boasting of royal charm and poise...
Rs. 25,499.00 Rs. 14,549.00

Lucina Ring moissanite

A bold and beautiful heavily studded design, this ring boasts of unmatched sophistication. Designed with absolute perfection and brilliant craftsmanship, it’s a true beautiful...
Rs. 22,799.00 Rs. 12,399.00

Ceres Ring Moissanite

A dazzling, playful and pleasing design for the girl next door that charms everyone with her innocent smile. A fine pick that blends with...
Rs. 23,999.00 Rs. 14,099.00

Moissanite Prisca Ring

Wearing a diamond on the top like a crown, this silver studded band is a beautiful design that personifies elegance like nothing else. A...
Rs. 22,499.00 Rs. 12,099.00

Moissanite Classic Silver CZ Solitaire Ring

Give the gift of love with this stunning 3 carat emerald cut solitaire ring. Crafted in 925 sterling silver, it features a classic design...
Rs. 32,499.00 Rs. 25,399.00

Moissanite Classic Silver oval CZ Solitaire Ring

When it comes to love, the right ring can make all the difference. This beautiful piece is bound to make your loved one fall...
Rs. 32,499.00 Rs. 25,399.00

Dale Ring Moissanite

You’re a darling that has captivated several hearts and are ruling them effortlessly, and here’s an assortment from us to delight the heart of...
Rs. 23,500.00 Rs. 14,199.00

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